Corporate Information


Miyauchi Makoto

Representative Director, CEO

Miyauchi Makoto

Makoto Miyauchi holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics of The University of Tokyo and an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business. He worked at Sojitz Corporation before joining DI.

At DI’s Tokyo head office, he was mainly involved in new business and growth strategy development for major corporations, overseas expansion strategy development, and industry production activities aimed at creating next-generation industries for Japan, in collaboration with government agencies and multiple private firms.

In his current posting to DI Vietnam, he is pressing forward with the production of new businesses and the development of social systems for emerging economies in multiple industries such as agriculture, food value chain, healthcare, and consumer goods, etc.

His duties are wide-reaching, including the provision of strategic consulting services for the Vietnamese government and for large Japanese and Vietnamese companies, and expanding DI’s own business foundations in ASEAN.

Kazutoshi Numata

Representative Director, COO

Kazutoshi Numata

Kazutoshi Numata holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Yokohama City University and completed graduate work at the Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba.

Prior to joining DI, he worked for Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

At Nomura Research Institute, he assisted in the development and execution of growth strategies and sales and marketing strategies for many major companies in the consumer goods, mail-order, food, automotive, energy, and finance sectors.

At DI, he is engaged in the development of growth strategies and new business strategies for major companies and startups in fields such as telecommunications, cosmetics, food, entertainment, finance, automotive, agricultural machinery, and energy.

He is also actively engaged in business production, which involves bringing multiple major corporations and startups together to collaborate to launch new businesses.

He is serving concurrently as Representative Director, COO at DI Asia, which is part of the DI group, where he is working on building data and intelligence platforms with a focus on Southeast Asia.

His goal is to embody the image of a business producer who is not confined by the domain of consulting.

Hideyuki Kato


Hideyuki Kato

Hideyuki holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics of The University of Tokyo.

After graduation, Hideyuki joined DI with a long-term vision of becoming an entrepreneur.

Having stationed in a venture company for 4 years and witnessed its IPO, Hideyuki is determined to create new entities within DI Group. He acts as the representative of DI’s market research firm in Vietnam (now DI Asia) which then will expand to other Asian countries.

DI Asia provides data and business intelligence needed for “surviving overseas and keeping on winning”, focused on automobile, electronics and appliances, and FMCG.

Hideyuki strives for “emerging markets × new businesses” while going through the struggle of uncertainties, but he believes that this is what’s needed for Japan / DI in the long run.

Hideyuki is the winner of the 120th Bungakukai Shinjinsho literature award (New Writer Award) for his publication “Survive”. His “Share” and “Capital” were nominated for the 154th and 156th Akutagawa Prize respectively. His other works include “The Sea Turtles” (Shinchosha Publishing Company).

He is excited to take on challenges in telling stories that resonate with readers.

Strategic Consulting Division

Nguyen D. D. Tuan Anh (Andy)


Nguyen D. D. Tuan Anh (Andy)

Tuan Anh holds a BA in economics (NEU, Hanoi), an LL.B (Ho Chi Minh University School of Law) and an LL.M (IUC Law school of Turin, Italy). He is also an associate member of CPA Australia.

Tuan Anh is a consultant in DI Vietnam office. His practice is focused on corporate growth, market entry strategy and investment evaluation.

Earlier, Tuan Anh is ex-FPT, Columbia Asia Hospitals with over 10 years’ experience in trading and healthcare in Vietnam.

Business Intelligence Division

Pham Trung Tuan

Country Manager Vietnam

Pham Trung Tuan

Tuan holds an MBA from the College of William and Mary, VA, USA on a full academic scholarship and a B.S. in Finance from St. John’s University, NY, USA magna cum laude.

Tuan has led and engaged in many consulting projects in agricultural production and machinery, consumer staples, infrastructure, logistics, real estate, vehicle and ride-sharing, etc.

Besides consulting, Tuan also has experience in investment and investment banking in both Vietnam and USA.

Hendry Pratama

Country Manager Indonesia

Hendry Pratama

Hendry graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Technology, The Bandung Institute of Technology.

At DI Asia, Hendry covers strategical research, market entry and market networking for clients expanding to Southeast Asia, predominantly Indonesia and Malaysia.

He is also part of DI Financial Advisory’s M&A deal sourcing team for the region.

Prior to DI Asia, Hendry worked for NESTLÉ, served in sales, brand development and corporate strategy.

He then joined DI Singapore office as a strategy consultant covering FMCG, IMC (Internet Mobile Contents), and manufacturing sectors.

He recently completed Corporate Strategy and M&A executive program at Harvard Business School.

Native in Bahasa Indonesian and Hakka, he is fluent in English, and Malay.

Business Development Division

Takuei Otani

Senior Manager

Takuei Otani

Takuei Otani holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics of Meiji Gakuin University.

Takuei worked at Yahoo! Value Insight (current Macromill) and Cross Marketing before joining DI Asia.

At Yahoo! Value Insight, he engaged in a wide range of research projects ranging from product development to branding for cosmetics manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers, food manufacturers.

At Cross Marketing, he engaged in researches for product development and research projects for sales strategy, mainly in telecommunication companies, IT systems, and consumer goods manufacturers.

He joined DI Asia after he involved in launching a major national client’s strategy department and managed as a director of R&D at the group company.

Product Innovation Division

Ho Hai Dang


Ho Hai Dang

Dang holds Bachelor of Commerce – RMIT Vietnam University with full scholarship.

At DI Asia, Dang is leading the product innovation team to build up new innovative products as well as develop and expand the consumer database business in South East Asian countries.

Before that, Dang was COO of DI Marketing to develop Online Market Research business in South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia).

Dang used to work for Dream Incubator Vietnam as strategic consultant in various projects for Japanese corporations who aim to expand into Vietnam market.

He also supported the Dream Incubator’s Investment team in executing Business Due Diligence for DI Asian Industrial Fund in various sectors: Food and beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture.

Phan Huu Phung

Business Development Manager

Phan Huu Phung

Phung holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology (RMIT).

Phung’s main focuses at DI Asia are database business and new product development in South East Asian Countries.

Before joining DI Asia, Phung was professional quantitative researcher at Cimigo for 3 years.

At Cimigo, his practice focused on FMCG, personal care and cosmetics.

Corporate Administration Division

Daichi Shimamoto

Senior Manager

Daichi Shimamoto

Daichi Shimamoto holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics of Kyoto University.

He is a Certified Public Accountant under Japanese law.

Prior to joining DI Asia, he worked for KPMG AZSA LLC.

At KPMG, he was mainly involved in audit work focusing on global companies such as listed and SEC registered companies.

He has experience in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, specialized trading companies, telecommunications carriers, bio venture, service industry, SPC companies.

He assisted financial advisory services such as due diligence, sales customer analysis, and also engaged in non-audit work including improvement of internal controls and regulations.

At DI Asia, he is involved in not only accounting and finance fields but also general administration of DI Asia global group.

Bui Truong Thuy Trang


Bui Truong Thuy Trang

Trang holds a distinction Bachelor Degree from The University of Social Sciences and Humanities with major in Japanese and Oriental studies.

Trang is among the earliest members since the establishment of DI’s office in Vietnam. Since joining the firm in 2007, she has been one of the core members of the office’s management team for the operations and development of the firm in Vietnam.

Trang provides support to several Partners and team members in general administrative affairs such as accounting, human resources and other arrangements for bookings, interpretation and translation.