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Features of DI Asia’s consulting services

DI Asia’s strategy consulting service has evolved through the years since the founding of former entity DI Vietnam in 2007 as DI Group’s first ever overseas office. The well-established three pillars of strategy consulting, investment and business creation which form an integral part of “business producing” and help DI Group gain a strong foothold in ASEAN. DI Asia engages in an extremely wide range of industry sectors, from agriculture, food value chain, healthcare, consumer goods, consumer durables, infrastructure, to drawing up industrial development plans for different domestic industries in close cooperation with the Government of Vietnam.

Grab and Uber has already covered the country’s large cities before public transit infrastructure is fully in place and motorization takes hold. Before modern retailers increase their number of stores, the e-commerce trend has been surging. Before credit cards become a popular form of payment, mobile payment services have already penetrated the market. Obviously, ASEAN countries have made the first steps onto a similar-but-distinct economic development path that advanced nations have taken. We see continuous efforts put in to build new business as well as social infrastructure particularly in innovative emerging nations.

Rather than a strategy paper with elaborate details that requires much time to complete, sometimes what a client actually needs is a timely and lean work process, which could only be delivered through a reliable personal network and a “business producing capability”, driving all stakeholders to a joint effort surpassing boundaries of nationalities, industry sectors, and public-private sector.

Focus on “Business Producing” and “Growth”

In Asia, we are strongly committed and confident in our ways of doing “business producing”, from creating large and innovative business under a mid-to-long term vision that makes full use of strengths from Japan’s industrial world, to formulating new market entry and business development strategy with high impacts and accuracy based on comprehensive market and competitor analysis.


Many new businesses in ASEAN operate in a “united domain” that goes beyond the border of a single industry sector and stakeholder. As we never stick to a single industry sector, ASEAN is an ideal environment and market for DI Group to apply the business producing concept. DI Asia’s business producers strive to provide consulting services spanning multiple sectors of the economy.

2Collaboration & synergy
with incubation projects

With a large network of Vietnamese enterprises cultivated by various investments made via our ¥5 billion yen DI Asian Industrial Fund managed by the former entity DI Vietnam, excellent business incubation capability together with insights and experience of an “Activist Strategic Investor” are our big strengths to deliver a broad range of synergies and high accuracy for our strategy consulting services.

3Our core strength:
Strong foundation for strategy consulting

Founded by a group of top executives from BCG, DI draws on its origin to offer strategy consulting services that not only get to the core of management-related issues but also form a foundation for DI’s philosophy, approaches, and training efforts. By building on—and constantly adapting—that cornerstone, DI has a solid basis for providing clients with added values and will continue to further develop, evolve and localize it for Asia.

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