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Clarifying grasp of the points of businessIssue Based Research

In DI Asia, we thoroughly understand a client’s business and needs before conducting a research. We utilize two main assets to provide you a high quality market research service.
– Access to our own hundreds of thousands survey users platform across Asia.
– Team of consulting, investment & industry professionals with deep & strong local knowledge.

Conventional ResearchMethodology Driven

Methodology Driven1

Based on methodology, identify target of research

Methodology Driven2

Conduct a survey with a sample

Methodology Driven3

Over time, unclear image turns clear and potentially creats another similar survey only for one objective

DI Asia SurveyHypothesis Driven

Hypothesized Driven1

Identify this part is important

Hypothesized Driven2

As expected, then a confirmation is taken

Hypothesized Driven3

A clearer output image as a result, time will be taken to
discuss key takeaways

DI Asia Survey Flow

  1. Clearly grasp the issue
  2. Join the discussion from the hypothesis building stage
  3. Assemble the verification structure
  4. Make an output image
  5. Reports in discussion materials with management

Elucidation of complicated and difficult tasksMassive Complex Research


We provide a highly effective way to divide segments

2Pre-sharing of the output image

We create initial hypothesis in advance to understand a segment and answer a trend

3Precise quantification

4Multi-dimensional data analysis

5Analysis by
combining internal data

When applicable, we can also construct a research based on client’s internal data. Various points of view can be defined when data is aligned.

Management Point of View

In DI Asia, we deliver outputs that can be discussed with management and business managers.Not only the results of the user survey but also the explanation of the background, explicit explanation of the points and hypotheses, clear results and suggestions on the results, and the “what can be said of the project from there” are made clear, (It is also possible to directly explain the results of investigation if necessary)

1Artifacts centered on suggestion

The points to be answered in advance are clarified, so the contents that come out are only suggestions.We will deliver it with deliverables focusing on suggestions leading to actions, not contents that “○ ○ is XX% up, ΔΔ is YY% down”.

2Construction constraining the issue of the project

No matter how much research is conducted, the management team will not be able to read a report that does not compress the issue of business. Since DI Asia creates after grasping the position of firm investigation in the entire business, it will report in a structure that can be instantly understood by a busy management team.

3Readable stories

In a conventional report, a big survey tends to be very hard to read. From the background to the conclusion, DI Asia’s reports are created with a series of smooth stories so they are finished with contents that can be read by busy executives.

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