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Quick online-based survey for global market
– Utilize DI Asia’s own user panel in South East Asia (Total appoximately 900,000 )
– Available to provide Japan/other area survey as well by using partner panel network

Service contents

Service feature

Reasonable price, Quick delivery

Only Fieldwork:500,000 yen~, shortest delivery time in just one week

The largest level of original consumer panel in southeast asia

Our panel comprises of approximately 900,000 people in total (thailand,vietnam and indnesia)

Support structure by local stuff

Managed by our local staff with consulting experience

Basic output

  • Raw data
  • Simple tabulation


  • Cross-tabulation
  • Report

Estimates example(Fieldwork+translate questionnaire) ※not including translate free answer

Target area all over Vietnam
Attribute male & female
Age 20~39
Question number 20
Sample size 500s
Incident rate about 70%
Output raw data
simple tabulation
Total amount* 730,000 yen

* please contact us about survey design and analysis report

Panel Information

Panel quality policy

1 Remove unauthorized registrant

Registirants are removed automatically if their registered information is fake

2 Conduct user training regularly

By providing trap question in survey, filter out bad respondent onto a blacklist

3 Update basic attribute information

Update basic attribute information several times a year

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