Our Business

Strategy Consulting

Develop, localize and evolve Dream Incubator’s unique approach to strategy consulting, i.e. “business producing” throughout ASEAN
Formulate corporate strategy for Asia market entry, business growth, new business development for leading Japanese clients. Produce significant impacts on society by introducing business concepts derived from social issues, and make efforts to bring diverse stakeholders together beyond the borders of nationalities, industry sectors, and public-private sectors
Formulate industrial development plan in close cooperation with the Government, and strategic approaches engaging both public and private sectors

Strategy Research

High value-added research analysis of global market.
– Supported by “hypothesis building/discussion point clarification”, not only survey conduction
– Utilize the knowledge of Dream Incubator’s consultants.

Market Research

Quick online-based survey of global market.

– Utilize DI Asia’s own user panel in South East Asia (appoximately 900,000 in total)

– Available to provide Japan/other area’s survey as well by using partner panel network

Entry Research

Quick one theme desktop-based research of worldwide market.

– Utilize local senior researchers’ network and knowledge

– For building first step hypothesis