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Cases: Strategic Research

Use cases of Strategic Research

  • Support from hypothesis building and issues designing
  • Survey analysis also strongly conscious of “suggestion”




  • Target visualization
  • Organizing action plans
  • Market size simulation


  • WEB Quantitative Survey
  • Group interview

Background & Purpose

The client aims to launch the OTC drug onto Japanese market in 2019
They intended to build the strategy to capture the market share by grasping the OTC drug market


  • Grasping the concrete market composition ratios (each segment) of the OTC drug
    – We achieved to figure out the accurate market compositions ratio in each segment, by clarifying taking experience, types, frequency and price of OTC drugs from past to current. We could set the priorities for taking the market share
  • Clarify the target of the new product( What kind of people belongs to the each segment? )
    – Used clustering to analyze living environment, habitual behavior, eating behavior and, action and value for purchasing. we could utilize the transition of purchasing behavior in time series to purchasing forecast in the future
  • Clarify an element which would break the barrier by grasping the primary factor of purchase barrier
 (Physical and Psychologically)
    – We verified with the current concept (new product) if it’s appropriate and what to improve. We analyzed attitude change by each concept quantically.
    – Among them, we succeeded to calculate the purchase barrier factor and the yield rate by factors with concrete numerical values and extract the elements that can cross the barriers.
  • Suggest measures for approaching the targets(Strategic discussion)
    – We examined the measures to engage the targets from result of the research.(Market penetration)
    – We built a couple of product penetration stories from purchasing behavior analysis and connected to a tangible marketing measures.

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