DI Marketing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) recognizes and protects the importance of personal information acquired from stakeholders as the basis of our company’s business activities, as well as the most important management issues I think it is one.

In order to provide customers with security, safety and reliability, we have established the following basic policies and are thoroughly informed to all employees and are in compliance.

1.Basic Policy

We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and related other laws and regulations. In addition,
we will establish internal regulations concerning personal information protection (hereinafter referred to as our
company regulations), implement and maintain this, and make efforts to continuously improve.

In addition to establishing a management system related to the protection of personal information, we will
inform officers and employees of our regulations and strive to ensure compliance.

We deal with personal information within the scope of the purpose of use clearly stated to the customer. In
addition, we will not disclose or provide personal information provided by customers to third parties unless
there is customer consent or there is a justifiable reason.

We will keep personal information accurate and up-to-date, and make efforts to prevent unauthorized access
to personal information, leakage, loss, damage, etc. of personal information and to continuously improve and
improve information security.

We will respond in good faith and promptly to requests for inquiries, disclosure etc. concerning personal
information from customers.

2.Purpose of using personal information

When we provide personal information from customers, we clearly indicate the use purpose of personal
information and use it within the scope of its purpose of use. If you need to use your personal information
beyond the scope of the purpose of use specified beforehand, we inform the customer to that effect and use it
after receiving your consent. The purpose of using personal information held by our company is as follows.
1.Personal information concerning customers
1.Business talks, meetings, etc.
2. Shipments of products, materials,etc.
3. Information on services, events etc.
4. Sending customer support and maintenance
5. Inquiries · Consultation Correspondence
6. Providing services of various membership services
7. Implement service development, questionnaire survey, monitor, etc.
8. Perform contract
2. Personal Information on Applicant Applicant
1. Provide / contact recruitment information etc. to recruit applicants (including internship)
2. Administer recruitment work at our company

3.Proper acquisition of personal information

We will acquire personal information by lawful and fair means.

4. Provide personal information

1. We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party except in the following cases.
1. When customer’s consent is obtained
2. Based on laws and ordinances
3. When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person, it is difficult to obtain customer’s consent
4. To achieve the purpose of use When delegating handling of personal information to the extent necessary
5. When business succession is carried out due to merger, corporate division, business transfer or other reason
2. Regardless of the above (1), if we believe that it is appropriate to correspond from our affiliate company or agent regarding the provision of services to customers and inquiries etc., The name, telephone number, etc. of the relevant company may be offered to such affiliates. In this case, the customer can request the Company to suspend the provision of personal information to the affiliated company etc.

5. Inquiries about personal information

For inquiries regarding disclosure, correction, deletion etc. of your personal information, please contact us from
the inquiry form.

6. Other matters

1. About access information
On this site, we may obtain access log information in order to provide better service. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Acquisition of access log is not intended to identify customer’s personal information.
2. About cookies
On this site, we use cookie (Cookie) as part of the site in order to use it more comfortably. Regarding cookie and IP address information, we can not identify specific individuals by themselves, so we do not regard them as personal information. For cookie information, it is possible to reject it with browser setting. DI Marketing is a strategical research and market entry firm. We are a subsidiary of Dream Incubator Inc