Clarified grasp of the points of businessIssue Based Research

In DI Marketing, we thoroughly understand a client’s business and needs before conducting a research. We utilize two main assets to provide you a high quality market research service.

  • Access to our own hundreds of thousands survey users platform across Asia
  • Deep and strong local knowledge of team with experiences harnessed from consulting, investment and industry professionals

Conventional ResearchMethodology Driven

方法論ドリブン 調査手法1

Based on methodology, identify target of research

方法論ドリブン 調査手法2

Conduct a survey with a sample

方法論ドリブン 調査手法3

Over time, unclear image turned out and potentially creating
another similar survey only for one objective

DI Marketing SurveyHypothesized Driven

仮説ドリブン 調査手法1

Identifying, maybe these part is important

仮説ドリブン 調査手法2

As expected, then a confirmation is taken

仮説ドリブン 調査手法3

A clearer output image is resulted, time will be used to
discuss key takeaways

DI Marketing Survey Flow

  1. Clearly grasp the issue
  2. Join the discussion from the hypothesis building stage
  3. Assemble the verification structure
  4. Make an output image
  5. Reports in discussion materials with management

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